Like an award-winning Easter?

Does it include tender whole legs of British lamb with rich mint sauce and all the trimmings? How about delicious hand-crafted chocolate eggs? And a bottle of award-winning wine? Maybe some scrumptious recipes to bake with the kids? If you like it like that, you’ll love Easter with Aldi.

  • How to cook lamb perfectly
  • Easter is all about the perfect roast lamb – succulent, tender and delicious, we’ve put together a whole range of easy-to-follow tips and inspiration to help you cook the perfect Easter roast.

Mouthwatering, non-traditional, Easter recipes

There’s always a fabulous, super satisfying alternative if you really don’t fancy a traditional Easter roast. No ham. No lamb. Just a little inspiration to tantalise your taste buds.

Indulge in a few sweet Easter delights

Whether you like to bake your own treats, or indulge in the joy of a squishy, fruity Hot Cross Bun, we’ve got plenty of inspirational recipes for you to try, this Easter.

Like to make, bake and celebrate? Here’s some Easter inspiration.

Whether you’re planning a big Easter egg hunt or cooking up an Easter feast we’ve plenty of inspiration for recipes, gifts, décor and more. Discover something you’ll like right here.

Mouth-watering Easter recipes

Feeding the family this Easter doesn’t have to be hard with our amazing range of recipes to suit all taste buds. From delicious lamb, tasty dressings and show stopping desserts.